Week 2

This has been a challenging week for me. I am so much more comfortable communicating face to face with in the area of art and tradition classroom education. I know that this is the future of teaching. I think it is going to take some time for me to make this shift.I am starting to embrace the new world of Web 2.0. I realize after coming to the end of the second week of class, that I have been a passive user all these years and my goal is to become more interactive and share. I need to find a balance.

I have learned about many new tools, twitter, blogs(WordPress), Hootsuite and Diigo. I am just trying to figure out how they all work!!! There is so much for me to learn. I am super excited about this learning experience.


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  1. It’s OK — it’s normal, in fact — to feel out of your comfort zone during this experience. However, there’s a lot out there for visual folks! I hope you can find and embrace some of it. If you want classmates to play with any tools with you (flickr, perhaps?) let us know!


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