Creating a Visually Engaging Lesson/Course

9-Point Checklist for the Perfect eLearning Course Design–olUhp_y1-Y0reJREjG2GpHcL-kbpf64K8lWpOknGymHocuJBGFyQzI6eGFog7fdI8WK6MvFDud-kaEnSnGq7tM5sS1w&_hsmi=20897245

I found this article very interesting. This is more about the visual elements used to create an engaging online class as opposed to content. There are a lot of great tips for choosing typefaces and layout and design considerations. I also liked the part about creating a mood using color psychology. I understand that content is key but I think making it visually appealing is important as well.


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  1. Thank you ArtRules19 for posting this article. I believe design should be the foremost consideration in everything you publish for others to read. I actually had to post a bad comment on a community about the ugliest, busiest website I had ever seen. (The person was trying to promote it). Perhaps in poor taste, I likened it to a computer repair shop that also sold pre-paid cellphones, vacuum cleaners, and provided slot machine gambling.

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