Social Media & Students’ Communication Skills

I never really thought about students and social media in this way. Encouraging the  growth of student voice and communication skills is such an important factor in functioning in society. My high school students are always on their cell phones and many times it can be very frustrating for a teacher. Our administration has asked us to embrace the cell phone and the social media that goes along with it. I think we as teachers have to search for meaningful ways to incorporate and find balance in the classroom using these new tools.

“We need to help students see that their blogging, texting, tweeting on social media is real writing. Their writing is real writing because their writing is their voice. Student voice needs to be nurtured and appreciated in the classroom, regardless the outlet they use to communicate it. When teachers show the importance of formal communication to be practiced on social media platforms, students are more inclined to practice good digital citizenship.”

Rusul Alrubail , Editor & writer on teaching, learning, & education


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