It’s that time of the year again…

I will be teaching two different classes this year!

Art in World Cultures

Students explore art from around the world through project-based activities. Based on directed investigation, students reinterpret selected forms to promote understanding of themes, purposes, symbolism, and traditional formal characteristics. Students compare various cultural responses in art to universal themes, gaining respect for diverse perspectives and the rich heritage shared by cultures from around the world. Supporting geographic, cultural and societal studies, and historical context help students refine their understandings of time and place in global cultures. Students consider the value of preserving these works in today’s museums and other public buildings, private collections, and in digital format for sharing and study via the Internet. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.


2-D Studio Art 2

Students refine techniques used to create a variety of two-dimensional (2-D) artworks through developing skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage. Students manipulate the structural elements of art to promote creative risk-taking in 2-D artwork. Investigation of artworks from Western and non-Western cultures provides a means for students to expand their understanding and appreciation of the role of art in global culture. Student artists use an art criticism process to evaluate, explain, and measure artistic growth in personal or group works. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.

Art Teaching Philosophy

I am dedicated to Disciplined-Based Art Education.  I integrate content from the four disciplines that contribute to creation, understanding, and appreciation of art.  These disciplines of art provide knowledge, skills, and understanding that enable students to have a comprehensive and rich art experience.

The four disciplines are:

  • Art Production – creating works of art
  • Art Criticism – responding to our own and others’ artwork, demonstrating awareness of elements and principles of design.
  • Art History – exploring how art is connected and has contributed to culture and society
  • Aesthetics – understanding the nature, meaning and value of art.

I Believe…

Art education is invaluable to each and everyone of us. It develops visual thinkers, life long learners, and encourages creative problem solving across all disciplines.

Art Education

Art education sparks the imagination, develops self-esteem, and supports and embraces cultural diversity and tolerance.  Art is an important source of documentation and interpretation: it is a universal language that allows us to communicate with the world around us.

A little about me:

I received my BFA in Graphic Art & Design from OSU and a Master’s of Art Education from USF. I have been a Visual Arts Teacher for 18 years. Thank you for the opportunity to teach and share my passion for the Visual Arts with your child!

Contact info:

paula.athans@stjohns.k12.fl.usHead Heart Hand 1


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