Week 6

Week 6

Can it be? Wow, the last 6 weeks have flown by!

Looking back at the course syllabus, I have learned so much.
I am amazed at how learning and teaching has changed since I was in school. I am an instructional designer but in a tradition classroom setting. Now my eyes have been opened to this new world of Web 2.0. and the shift to becoming an online instructional designer or a combination of the two in my case.

I plan on I using many of these new tools in my classroom to create a more interactive environment for my students. I want to teach my students how to reach outside of our classroom to share, make connections, collaborate, and broaden their learning experiences.

I have become part of online social media communities.
I am on twitter, have a blog, learned about curating, and so much more!
Explored and discovered so many amazing, new to me Web 2.0 tools.

I have had a Facebook for years, Pinterest and Instagram for about a year…that was the extent of my social media interaction. I did not realize the the power of these tools and all that I have been missing out on.

I am still struggling with sharing and interacting online, but this class has definitely forced me to step outside my comfort zone. Something I always ask my art students to do is to, be bold reach outside themselves and create something awesome! I think that is where the learning and growing begins.

Thank you Dr. Dennen!


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